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Side Holder


Got a horizontally-oriented ID badge that you have to swipe? The Side Holder lets you remove it easily.

Dimensions: ID badge pocket is 3″ wide x 2-1/4″ high. The left edge of the badge will stick out about 1/4″ for ease of removal. Overall flap length is 4-1/8″. Backstop is 1″ high, overall height is 5-3/4″. Body is 0.014″ white vinyl; flap is 0.010″ clear vinyl.



The Side Holder is the world’s only pocket protector that allows easy access to your ID badge without having to take your pocket protector off! Designed for credit-card sized, horizontally-oriented ID badges. It’s ideal if you need to swipe your ID badge for security readers. Get rid of that dangly lanyard that always gets in the way! It has a one-inch high backstop to make it easier to insert your pens. Like all of our products, the Side Holder is made in the USA and it’s designed to last with heavyweight vinyl and heat-welded seams.

Additional info

Weight 0.1875 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 4.75 in
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