Geek Costume

If you've decided on a geek costume for your next party, let me be the first one to commend you on your wisdom. There are two important reasons why a geek costume is the best choice.

First, geek costumes are cheap. This is essential for channelling the true geek vibe. You can buy your whole outfit at the Goodwill store for less than $10. (This assumes that you don't already own geek clothes like I do. If you've already got your geek clothes, then you just saved enough money for another 12 pack.)

Which brings me to the second and more important reason why geek costumes are the best. Unlike the guys who wear complicated outfits with masks, you'll have total access to your mouth for unfettered beer consumption. What more reason do you need?

The only thing you need to make your geek costume complete is a pocket protector and some coke-bottle glasses. Make it simple-- get the Geek Pack from Pocket! It comes complete with an all-white Full Monty pocket protector for maximum effect, and a pair of geek glasses that are over the top! Just click on the button below and piece de resistance will be on its way to your mailbox!

Price:  $6.95