Geek Pack PDA

The Geek Pack PDA is designed to help you get your work organized in the "Getting Things Done" fashion. It's a perfect complement to your stylish pocket protector -- just the right height and width to fit in your pocket behind your protector for instant access. With the Geek Pack PDA, you'll never have to worry about your batteries going dead!

You get 125 cards total with the Geek Pack PDA - 25 of each color: light yellow, bright yellow, salmon, blue, and white. All but the white are printed on both sides with a list of action items and check blocks (white is blank on both sides for freestyle thinking and notetaking). Your PDA also comes with a micro spring clip to hold your cards together. All cards measure 5-1/2" tall and 2-7/8" wide. The cards come shrinkwrapped in a block.

Price:  $19.95