PocketProtectors.com Mail/Fax Order Form

To order by mail, simply print this page and write in the quantities you want in the blocks in the form. Add it all up, then send a personal check, money order, or CC# to me at the address below. Make out the check to "Kurt Lammon", not "PocketProtectors.com" because I don't have a business account at the bank. For fax orders, write in your CC# below and fax to 256-638-8490.

Description Quantity Price Ea. Ext. Price
The Stealth   $3.95  
The Badge Holder   $4.95  
The Full Monty   $3.95  
The Side Holder   $4.95  
The Invisible   $3.95  
Geek Pack PDA   $19.95  
Geek Costume   $10.95  
Shipping & Handling Charge (let the website's shopping cart calculate it and write in here):
e-mail address:
Billing/Shipping Address:
City, ST ZIP:
Credit Card #:
Exp date: CCV:

Again, make your personal check out to "Kurt Lammon," and mail to:

Kurt Lammon, 675 Hill Pointe Ln, Chattanooga, TN 37405

I'll send the protectors to you as soon as I receive your check and I'll send you a confirming e-mail if you give me your address. (Don't forget, I never spam you or sell your address to anyone!)