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I started Pocket Protectors.com in June 1999 because, one day, after many years of daily use, I realized that my faithful old protector was starting to look very tired. I made several efforts to locate another good one at the major retail outlets and drug stores, but to no avail. And I didn't want to go around advertising "Bill's Auto Parts" or some other nonsense.

Because I believed that there must be thousands of other pocket protector enthusiasts in the same predicament, I decided to create a virtual storefront that would be devoted to supplying the world with quality pocket protectors.

Since we opened in 1999, I've shipped thousands of pocket protectors all over the U.S., Canada, and the world. Here are a few comments from some of our satisfied customers:

  • "I couldn't find that item in any of the local Staples or Office Max stores or the stationery depts. of nearby pharmacies or supermarkets so I was really pleased to simply plug in "pocket protector" as a search key and immediately find your site. The item was delivered quickly, does what I needed it to do and I'm impressed! " - Harvey P.
  • "Not only is the pocket protector a smart addition to my work attire, but it has functioned flawlessly for many months in many work environments and during many work assignments, both trivial and major. I can only imagine all of the envious, unspoken comments that I have received concerning my ownership of this brilliantly designed and engineered office accessory. Needless to mention, I have not had one unsightly ink stain on any shirt since acquiring the pocket protector. Additionally, and certainly not the least important, it has allowed me to maintain my nerdy reputation without challenge." - Mel Weinstein
  • "I was glad that I was able to order just one pocket protector. Many companies sell them in large amounts and will not ship just one. Thank you for the special consideration for customers with small orders." - Peggy M.

For your information, I don't make my living off of PocketProtectors.com. Sometimes I have to go out of town on business or whatever. So please be understanding if it takes a little longer than expected to receive your order. I usually mail out product two to four times per week. If you're in a hurry or need to talk to me, please call me Monday - Friday during the workdays at 256-997-6971 (it freaks my wife out when people call me at home!). For fastest service, please e-mail me at work at kurt@polyvance.com. I'll do my very best to serve you! Thanks for visiting our site and learning more about Pocket Protectors.com!

Kurt Lammon, founder

If you're interested, here's where I work to make my living:

www.polyvance.com (plastic repair products)